The Woozle Effect

The Woozle Effect is Rob Laferrière's one-man-band show. Specializing in "Recycled Sound," Rob loops together original and cover material using his self-customized harmonicas and home-built "guitars." The process is oddly self-referential: loop upon loop, piling up to form something greater than the sum of its parts. It's a sort of DIY Blues that takes notes from other genres and styles to express itself.

The name "Woozle Effect" is derived from a phenomenon in literature and research. Also known as evidence by citation, a Woozle Effect occurs when frequent citation of publications lacking evidence misleads individuals, groups, and the public, into believing that more evidence exists than actually does. This phenomenon is the root cause of many urban legends and myths. The term itself was further derived from a specific story in the A.A. Milne classic, Winnie the Pooh, in which Pooh Bear and Piglet follow their own footprints around a tree while out in the woods looking for Woozles.

Rob hails from Winnipeg, Canada, (the city for which Winnie was named), and so both the technical term, and the terms namesake, In Rob's performances, the Woozle Effect is more than just a little self-referential. The performances are loop based, and so the songs literally refer back to themselves,: recycled over and over, layer upon layer, to give the impression of a much larger band all performing at once. The covers, remixes, and original material blend together, and are performed on instruments made from recycled materials and found objects like toasters, ammo cans, and hockey sticks.

All together, this produces a musical Woozle Effect that we all get to be part of. I hope you'll tune in to a live stream or drop by a live show, so you can experience this very positive thinking variation on the Woozle Effect for yourself!

... oh... and there will be lots of harmonicas too! Rob plays a bunch of them!

Booking a live performance

If you're interested in booking The Woozle Effect for a live performance, contact to discuss availability and the specifics of your event.


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